Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Manifest Destiny of Tom and Z (an odyssey told in the form of a telegraph).

West Virginia: Farewell! (stop)

Ohio: Uneventful (stop)  Left arm begins turning red (stop)

Indiana: Hot (stop)  Boring (stop)  Will not revisit (stop)

Illinois: Greeted immediately by series of billboards reading 'TOM RAPER RV'S (stop)  Frightening (stop)  Wow (stop) That left arm is really getting very red (stop)

Wisconsin: Car refuses to start back up in Motel 6 parking lot (stop)  Falling asleep to the sound of bilingual baby-mama drama outside the door (stop)  In the morning we confirm the belief that all McDonalds nationwide are filled with elderly men before 9am (stop) Lindsey prevents me from turning left at a red light, only after I get stuck in the middle of the lane (stop)

Minnesota: We cross the Mississppi (stop)  For lunch: ramen noodles cooked on top of the car (stop)  

South Dakota: Farms and tourist attractions ONLY (stop)  No evidence of actual places to live (stop)  Corn Palace is not made entirely of corn (stop)  It is made of lies (stop)  Lies! (stop)  Michael Jackson is dead (stop)  It costs ten dollars to see Mount Rushmore (stop)  Car protests at ignition again but is coerced into cooperation by Lindsey's 'stern' voice (stop) 

Wyoming: Shrubberies (stop) More ramen (stop)

Montana: All exits no services (stop)  Stop at a gas station at the Crow Indian res and feel bad about life in general for a minute (stop)  See some elk (stop)  

Idaho: Steep and short (stop)

Washington: Hot and flat (stop) Discover the 'unflushable legend' at a gas station (stop)  OMG My brother is having a baby!!! (stop)  Hit the mountains and love the smell (stop) Arrive in Sumner around six pm (stop) Trip over (stop)

Seattle: saved for tomorrow (stop)

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