Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rules of blast-off.

It is 5:32am on a Wednesday morning at my parents house. Everyone else is asleep: said parents, over-medicated dogs, best friend. But people are going to wake up, things are going into my car, and away we go. Soon.

I feel slightly sick.

But otherwise, I'm fine! There are a trillion little things I feel I'm leavning undone, and I know that a solid half of them will not simply go away. I'll deal with them, but to quote Ben Iver the Great on his soul-seeking sojourn: "Today is Kumran. Everything that happens is from now on." The hard part, the tough plastic surface, is nearly over --the switching of bank accounts and state licenses, the cramming of things into my little car. The easy part --the highly anticipated, sweet, nougaty fun part-- begins now. And it begins with a little thing Lindsey and I liket to call The Manifest Destiny of Tom and Z.

MDTZ Rules of the Road, revised:
  1. We will stretch. Every morning. Every evening. Every 2 or 3 hours on the road.
  2. The passenger is responsible at all times for knowing the status of the right lane.
  3. We will play our music loudly. We shall not sing to excess, but we must tolerate one anothers' singing whenever 'the fever' hits.
  4. Any argument may not last longer than the song presently playing.
  5. We will be fashionable. Vacations are for comfort. Road trips are for making statements. We shall not suffer ourselves to wear sweatpants. We shall not, for frumpy t-shirts and sensible shoes, sacrifice our capacity to shine. We will look excessively awesome.
    - Amendment to MDTZ Rule #5: At no time shall Tom make fun of Z's attire.
  6. There is to be no bitching at the expense of the other party's delight.
  7. There is to be much "What's their favorite _________?". (Sorry folks, private joke.)
  8. We will not contact our significant others, mothers, and loved ones more than twice daily, individually.
  9. There will be no crisis or concern that cannot end in laughter.

And blast-off, people. Coming up: a giant building made entirely of corn, motels, many 89 cent burritos, possible bear-related perils, and lots and lots of Tom Petty. We'll keep you posted.


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. You go girl! UP-UP-AND AWAY!

    I'm rooting for you.