Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dinosaurs! Web Comics!

Having a minor crisis involving rush book orders this week, so I bring you THIS:

Ain't love grand?

My dear neighbor Casey, who recently survived the nearly lethal explosion of his appendix, apparently received one too many "Get Well" dinosaurs during his hospital stay. He just gave me this one, and we couldn't resist taking this picture IMMEDIATELY.

For more dinosaur-related fun, please see the following web comics (okay, only the first two contain dinosaurs, but you should be reading all of them. For serious.):
Axe Cop: Hands down the most hilarious and brilliant thing I've seen so far this year. Written by a five year old, illustrated by a 29 year old. How could it go wrong? Simple: IT CAN'T.
Dinosaur Comics: The classic staple.
Girls With Slingshots: The one, the only, the sexiest. The epic, often unemployed adventures of Jamie, Hazel, McPedro and Co.
Johnny Wander: If you've ever known what it is to live with three men and love them to absolute pieces (or if you just want to read a really cute, really funny web comic), then you'll love this one.
Garfield Minus Garfield: If you haven't heard of this, then you're welcome.

Over and out, folks. Enjoy!

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