Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good thoughts, and an occupational haiku.

It's truly down to the wire now. I am counting down the days until 100 copies of Vessel make it into my apartment. How many days? Roughly 20. But euphoria precedes the shipment in so many ways. It's snowing. I am where I want to be, doing what I want to do, and what I'm doing is actually working . . . and there's nothing in the world like that feeling. There is enormous momentum behind me, in the form of hard work, in the form of passion, but mostly in the form of your enthusiasm, my friends. I almost can't believe it. So no cheek this evening, I'm sorry. I'm just quietly contemplating the good things, before I upload those files in the morning and spend the rest of the week pacing like a new father in the lobby. I'm thinking about Chapter 1 of Book II. I'm thinking about tattoos. Chocolate cake. A second glance and a touch on the arm, perfect timing (and god, what a winning smile). GoodReads, excited comments by strangers, a small but unexplained spike in Amazon sales. Have I mentioned that it's snowing? I'm thinking. I'm thinking of good things. And they are not hard to find.

Also (before I lose you forever in the ocean of wiggling pink puppies that is my life), I bring you . . .


Vacuum! Terror strikes!
Why then, gray cat, do you hide
Where the dust collects?

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