Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

Hello, friends. I'm sitting in the cavernous MacBook playground of Online Coffee, and I'm a raging mess. Sweating, hands shaking, limbs floating, ready to hurl my cookies. Too much coffee? Pig flu? Toxic Shock Syndrome?


Vessel just got its first honest-to-god review from a reader who doesn't know me from Eve. A young lady. On GoodReads. And she LOVED it. 

"...I woke up this morning and found I was still thinking about it."
 "...happy there will be more, but sad I'll have to wait so long..."
"...I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it."

Right? I'm now going to take a break from my self-assured Tomcat approach here just to say: YAY! Confetti and party hats for everyone! This is what it's all about. This is better than a bookstore order. This is better than the very best salted caramel cupcake in the world. This is better than riding a white stallion bareback through the ocean surf with Cillian Murphy (did you hear that Cillian!? To hell with you!).

I'll get some 'meh' reviews. I'll get some sharp criticism, sure. But man, this feels so good. Vessel served its purpose! It entertained! It thrilled! My characters charmed! They made someone smile! Twelve years--half of my life--this is what I've been crossing my fingers for. And poof! Fulfillment. I now know that this is possible. I now know that the past two-and-a-half years were worth it, and that the next four books are worth it. This reader thinks so anyway--and she's the one I'm writing for. Victory!


  1. I think you mean Emma, which is me :-)

    I did love it. I think I will go buy a copy, search wholeheartedly for a typo, just to win a copy of number two...which is hopefully coming soon. Sooooon.

  2. Heck yeah, I mean you! Yours was my first non-acquaintance review ever. I'll never forget reading it. So happy you enjoyed Vessel, Emma. I can't wait to get book two out there! Speaking of which . . . keep an eye out, cause I'm letting readers name it. I have all the subtitles in mind for the rest of them, but just can't decide on Book II's for some reason. A post on that coming soon!