Monday, February 21, 2011

Sorry. Things have just been really rad lately.

It's been what? Two weeks? Nearly three. I haven't posted. Why? Mostly because I've had nothing of real value to share, not even a silly dinosaur picture. My fallback when I have nothing to offer is a book review, but I haven't finished a book since 2011 began. That's right. I've been gnawing away at Lamb and The Girl in the Flammable Skirt for nearly two months now, and am barely halfway through either. What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I get even the most enjoyable thing done, like a book, or a blog post, or a single banana? (it's rotten already? really?)

It's just that . . . well, things have been really fucking rad.

1. The Release Party
If you missed it, you missed a good time. My deepest thanks to Jojo and the Arabica Lounge for putting together an incredible spread and making my friends feel at home, to my parents for sneakily calling ahead to foot the bill (the nicest gift ever!), to Jesse Studenberg for carrying boxes of books all weekend and generally being a complete gem, and to all the East Coasters who had sister parties (even by themselves). I may have been back to gutting other people's bathroom sinks the next day, but for one night I got to be a perfect princess. This event meant so much to me and I could not have asked for a better evening, better wine, or better friends to share it with. And yes, those friends coerced a reading out of me. Bastards.

2. BOOK!
I had my cautious expectations for Vessel's first month as a paperback, but holy moly! They were exceeded, and quickly. Truly, I am tickled beyond the brightest shade of neon pink. The crucial thing now is to harness that momentum and carry it forward before everything fizzles. How I'm going to do that, well, I only have the vaguest ideas, but they probably involve tattoos, a trip to the world's third largest arch bridge, getting serious about Book II , and naming a doomed character after one very unlucky reader.

3. Publishing and Design
While I envision doing much more for Year of the Tiger Press in the future, right now I can only offer what I do best (and what I do to get paid, because I need to make a functional career out of this if I'm ever going to get out of the cleaning business). I want to design your book cover. I want to typeset your book innards. I want to format your e-book (because that shit is hard, and you don't have time for that!). I also want to introduce you to a foxy red-headed New Zealander who can edit you to writer nirvana. Someday, I want to sell your book, and pay you, instead of the other way around--but right now, while I test-drive that road with Vessel, I must whore out my excellent (and affordable!) design services. Contact me if interested!


5. Everything Else
In the past few weeks, I've had the pleasures of participating in a Noise for the Needy stand-up comedy show, attending the Clue-themed birthday party of a beloved friend, hearing my 1-year-old nephew say "Hi!" on the phone for the first time, and finally getting to view footage of the most ridiculously fun thing I will ever do as a Gaga fan. Tomorrow, I get to be naked in public, and this weekend, I'm taking a road trip with someone I just so happen to adore.

So while I've had tons to blog about, sitting down long enough to get my point across has been a challenge. Thank you for letting me share. I'll be back Tuesday, with more to give.

Friends enjoying Vessel. Thanks, Natalie, Lois, Darlene, and Lindsey. Get in the on fun; snag your copy from our shop page!


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  1. Hooray for Tom! I'm thrilled for you. One day, I hope to be published myself. I can only imagine the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.