Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Words we hate. Discuss.

We all have them, and we can't explain why. Words that just sound like nails on a chalkboard to our unique little snowflake ears. Here are mine. What are yours?


There are probably more, but when I hear or read those words, I feel more than just a strong dislike; it's revulsion. The last one makes sense, I guess, but I have no explanation for the rest. These words actually make me physically uncomfortable, or angry, or both, and I can't help it. Just typing them up there was difficult for me. Why is that? I have no idea, but I hope you don't use them against me. If you do, I will put you in the same camp reserved for those who think it's a cute idea to tickle me. (Specifically, the camp in my imagination where I watch you do this again and again. Note: there are only three ways out of this camp. Two of them involve giving me chocolate).

Don't risk it. Instead, comment and tell me your most hated words!

**Fun Facts!** While browsing the subject of hated words, I found this witty blog: Words I Hate. I also happened upon a muscle building forum in which the participants--in a surprisingly adorable and insightful manner--discuss their favorite sex positions in one thread, right after declaring themselves either a dog or cat person in the previous thread. I picked up a few new positions. I also learned that, overall, bodybuilders are dog people. The more you know!

I'm overklempt. DISCUSS!


  1. Oh I am so glad you started this discussion.

    coup d'├ętat

    Actually, re: that last one, I just really really dislike French.

  2. Around 1995, a word appeared in our language which makes me want to beat someone every time I hear it. That word is "guesstimate".

    Did we really need a shade of grey between Guess and Estimate? Do we also need a word like "Estiknow" for when you are only 90% sure about something?

  3. ain't

    Despite it's disturbing introduction to the English dictionary, "ain't" will never be a word to me, but rather a sign of ignorance and laziness.

    I have more, but this was the first to come to mind.

  4. chunks. chunky. chunk.
    I hate that word!

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  6. Someone else got one of my top words. Ugh, my teeth feel violated just thinking it...

    Supple UGH!

    Also, when i was a teen, the word MOIST made my hands feel like they were covered in lubricant that i could not wipe off. The mean boys would look at me, state the words, and I'd be sent into a fit of constantly wiping my hands on my pants.

    I knew a gal who could handle the words Cuddle and Snuggle. She enjoyed doing the activities, but the words bothered her.

  7. I have an additon to make:


    Kill me now.

  8. came here to say moist. Beaten to it.

  9. Horny.

    Yes, it's useful ;-)

    ...but I can't stand it.