Thursday, May 19, 2011

Name That Book! (and die a gruesome death)

You've heard it from me, and you may have heard it from the last page of Vessel: The Advent, but now I'm officially announcing it on the blog. And you are officially hearing it here.

Vessel's "Name The Book, Claim A Character" Contest

Vessel is slated to be a five-book series, and they all have working subtitles . . . with the gut-gnawing exception of Book II, which is due out in December. A fitting subtitle just will not come to me, so I'm hoping and praying that one will come to one of you fine people.

So here's the deal: I'm collecting your subtitle ideas, now through August 1st. And if your subtitle winds up on the cover of Book II, here's what you get:

 - a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice,
 - all five books in the Vessel series (as they are subsequently published),
 - and . . .   . . . are you ready?

a doomed character named after YOU. A character who will likely die a disgusting and awful death. It's like getting to be an extra in a zombie movie, only less messy.

To help give you some ideas, here are the working titles for the rest of the series:

Book I: The Advent
Book III: The Tribulation (maybe)
Book IV: The Wrath
Book V: I'm not telling, because it's too awesome.

The subtitles clearly have an epic/biblical theme going, so I'll be looking for suggestions which fit that vibe. You may also notice that the above titles all consist of "The", followed by another word (just sayin'). Additionally, Book II will feature the Arabian desert, rival cults, prosthesis humor, the bloody return of a certain not-quite-dead princess and her flesh-eating horse, and, naturally, a gay disco club. That should be all you need to get started. Go nuts.

To enter, you must send an email (subject line: "Vessel Book II") to with your your subtitle suggestion, your name, and an email address where you can be notified. Contest ends August 1st, and a winner will be announced by August 15th, 2011. There is no limit to how many titles you can submit. The rest of the fine print is on the contest page

BEFORE YOU START! Here are the entries so far. They are fabulous beyond belief (and a few of them have been hilarious enough to cause coffee spills):

The Acts
The Anathema
The Ascension
The Baptism
The Bitch is Back
The Burning Bush
The Body
The Canon of Jesse
The Contact
The Covenant
The Crusade
The Cult of Personality
The Days
The Defilement
The Descent
The Diaspora
The Epistle
The End of Day
The Eternal Judgement
The Events
The Exile
The Exodus
The Gay Disco Club
The Gnosis
The Gods Must Be Crazy!
The Hallowing
The Happenings
The Illuminaughty
The Incarnation
The Lost Tribe
The Motions
The Night
The Oath
The Parable
The Pariah
The Path
The Pentecost
The Plague of Egypt
The Plight
The Prophet
The Rapture
The Schism
The Second Coming
The Signs
The Story
The Struggle
The Times
The Trial
The Way

UPDATE: And the winner is . . . Tiffany Milam Edwards of North Carolina! Keep an eye out for her in Vessel, Book II: The Exodus . . . 

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