Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First excerpt from 'The Exodus'!

Well, it's now been a full year since the official release of Vessel: The Advent (Book I), and to celebrate, I'm serving up the first excerpt from Book II! Where we pick up with them in The Exodus, the Vessel have had eight months to soak up sun and practice their divine abilities in their remote island resort, the Elysium---a place which has been less than paradise for Jordan. When they are required to appear at Luna Latum headquarters in Alexandria, Egypt, the five kick up some dual trouble in the forms of a rival cult and the deadly, long-buried lady you are about to meet. Hit it:

Jackson had two overlapping reactions to what he was seeing.  
One was that he was looking at perhaps the most appealing set of breasts he'd seen in his adult male life. That was a tough call to make; it had been well over a year since he'd seen a naked woman, and even then--if he remembered correctly, and right now that was very hard--it had been at a Midwestern strip club where the breasts were generally sub-par. But these . . . well, they were mighty nice.
The other reaction was primal, soul-flooding, unwavering hatred.
Zabur was not looking at him. She studied her hands with blank interest, and dropped her head to look at the rest of herself. She circled an ankle, ran her hands along her sides, up over her shoulders, and across those very nice breasts. The vast dish of tar beneath her began to fill itself up until it was a still pond, and she touched down lightly, setting off a delicate, glassy ripple.
Jackson's nerves jack-hammered with a lust to crush the thing before him, and the ground started to rock and lift violently in response. Zabur's little death pond was undisturbed. Its surface remained as still as ice, except for the single ripple radiating from her foot, which hit the edge without consequence. It was only then that she noticed Jackson, first with a fluttering, deer-like surprise. Then with a smile.
The pool burst outward. 

Holy naked flesh-eating princesses, Batman! That's all for now. Exodus is officially set to release in September (2012), so that you may read it at your convenience before the December apocalypse. But if I feel like it's absolutely ready to roll before then, you can bet your burger I'll release it early. It's going to melt some serious face and I can't wait for you guys to see it. Ciao!


  1. Holy crap this looks good!! I read it the first time, then forgot to comment, THEN remembered I didn't comment as I was talking to someone about books I am looking forward to...THEN I came back to read it again and now commenting.

    I can't WAIT to read book two as it IS about my FAVORITE CHARACTER, Jackson. He's soooooooo my book crush right now. *swoon* I wanna re-read book 1 on my Kindle. :-)

  2. Glad you liked! We're getting there. I so cannot wait for September. :D Speaking of Jackson, I'm about to draw a picture of him eating nachos. For a candle. Because why not?