Thursday, June 7, 2012

Words we misspell. Discuss.

Once again, I have failed miserably at the weekly blogposting routine. Seattle's chilly climate has fooled me into thinking it is still February, and here it is June 7th. You got me again, cloud pocket!

In other news, my boyfriend is afraid to play Scrabble with me because I'm a fancy author. To him and to anyone out there with similar misgivings, here are some words I misspell no matter HOW MANY TIMES I type them carefully out or try to teach myself the proper spelling:

acquaintance name a few.

I'm not talking about misusing your and you're or to, too, and two. I'm talking about words that just conjure that damned red squiggle every time you type them. What words trip up your otherwise swift writing sprees? Discuss.

On a different note, Blogger has changed its photo upload settings to include URLs. I no longer have to drag pictures of Linda Richmond to my desktop in order to add them to my posts.

Small victouries. I mean victories. Dammit.


  1. "Explanation" is my Everest. Why in the world does it not include the entire word "explain"?

  2. One wonders . . .
    Your "Everest"! That had me laughing.

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  4. I find that Word typically hates every single anthropology paper I have ever written. These aren't necessarily words I misspell, but the red squiggle freaks me out and causes all this inner turmoil and self-doubt when I type words like: postprocessual, nonstationarity, paleodemography, osteological (yes, it really gives me the red squiggle for this one), subadult, adaptiveness, extendability, etc.

    You should have gone to grad school, Word.