Friday, October 26, 2012

Delusions, minor defeats, and delays.

Have mercy!

I had to get this off my chest. I know I've set a firm release date for Exodus at least twice already, and believe me: I wanted to chop my liver out each time I had to push the date back. And now, against all my boundless hope and flagrant optimism, I have to suck it up and do it once more, and ask for your forgiveness.

Back in August, December really seemed do-able. And if I were to throw out a barely edited and uncontemplated second draft, it would be. There's no way I'll settle for giving you that. No way.

Here's the score. I grossly underestimated finishing time. I also sort of forgot that I would need time for things like work, inevitable illness, people, and feeding myself. I cannot tell you what happens to the mind when it spends every ounce of summer sunlight indoors, fixated on banshee horses and melting lobster-legged Hollow children. I cannot tell you the number of days I can survive without going out to buy toilet paper, or what methods I resort to in its absence. I cannot tell you the state of my laundry. What I can tell you, my lovely readers, is that the manuscript is nearly finished. What isn't finished is the professional editing, the proofreading, the layout and artwork, the publishing gruntwork (which I handle as a solo enterprise), the printing, and a hundred little distribution details---all of which take a few weeks. So I'm a-l-m-o-s-t there, and when I'm there, the book will still have a short ways to go to get to you. I'm reluctant to state a precise date just yet, for obvious reasons, but March feels like a more than safe bet (which means it could just as likely come earlier). I know. D:

I really, really, really hate that this is taking so long. Believe me, I want more than anything to give you this book. Readers had such a strong and positive reaction to Vessel's characters, and I cannot wait to share more of them with you. And while I'm beyond sad to announce further delays, I'm ridiculously pleased to report that Exodus has taken all kinds of unforeseen turns in positive directions. It is better than the book I set out to write. It's wicked fun, it gives everyone a chance to shine, and it presented me with unexpected pathways to events in books to come. Editing actually gets me really excited for this reason; I stumble upon all these magical connections and open doors during the re-write, things that I did not even intend to make room for in the first draft.

At any rate, I don't want to stir up a bunch of hype and then let you down---I am, after all, but a lowly indie author who cuts her own bangs and eats children's breakfast cereal. But I think you'll like it. I really do. And I can't wait. In the meantime, I will try to work out some way to release the first couple of chapters or something . . . by Christmas, of course!

Whew. Will definitely sleep better after posting this.

Yours always, and endless gratitude for your support,


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Souped Up and Skintight - The 10 best things I googled in the name of Book II

This was just so much fun last time that I've decided to do this with every book in the Vessel series. Every time I googled anything remotely fishy to contribute to the creation of Vessel: The Exodus (Book II), I added it to a list. These are the top ten most bizarre. I can't even remember why I googled half of them. And yes, they're links, just in case you ever need to get your freak on in Cairo.
  1. snake vision
  2. gay cairo
  3. wild grand pianos
  4. one-handed ponytail
  5. romanians
  6. how easy is it to kick down a metal door?
  7. shiny white skintight disco pants
  8. can you scream so loud your throat bleeds
  9. good nicknames for amputees
  10. synonyms for "souped-up"
I hope these phrases give you some further insight into what Exodus will hold. And also leave you with a renewed curiosity and/or appreciation for lycra.

Honestly the first thing that popped up when I googled "lycra". I am not even sorry.