Sunday, October 14, 2012

Souped Up and Skintight - The 10 best things I googled in the name of Book II

This was just so much fun last time that I've decided to do this with every book in the Vessel series. Every time I googled anything remotely fishy to contribute to the creation of Vessel: The Exodus (Book II), I added it to a list. These are the top ten most bizarre. I can't even remember why I googled half of them. And yes, they're links, just in case you ever need to get your freak on in Cairo.
  1. snake vision
  2. gay cairo
  3. wild grand pianos
  4. one-handed ponytail
  5. romanians
  6. how easy is it to kick down a metal door?
  7. shiny white skintight disco pants
  8. can you scream so loud your throat bleeds
  9. good nicknames for amputees
  10. synonyms for "souped-up"
I hope these phrases give you some further insight into what Exodus will hold. And also leave you with a renewed curiosity and/or appreciation for lycra.

Honestly the first thing that popped up when I googled "lycra". I am not even sorry. 


  1. *snort* I'm a little sorry. Not sorry you looked up nicknames for amputees though! Bob is always a favorite.

  2. LOL. Hoppy is a good one as well. Jordan is content with Lefty, mostly, but only Jackson is allowed to use it. Because Jackson.

  3. Amazing. I want those. And possibly the hot guy in them. Or maybe I want Jackson in them. Dear gods I need a fan and a drink now...