Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pack it up, boys. We're moving.

It's come to my attention that the Vessel website has outgrown my abilities to maintain it. I can't seem to add anything new without having to spend painstaking hours re-arranging CSS attributes and still ending up with that goddamn form on the store page.

So I am moving shop to this very blog, which will look lots more like a website when I'm done with it (hopefully). As I fiddle with this daunting task, it heartens me to see that official pages for the likes of George R. Martin and Jacqueline Carey are very web 1.0, circa 1999 (with all due respect, my awesome masters). I am grateful that the bar is low. Again, my web expertise is nakedly wanting.

(And yes, I'm still writing my ass off. Don't worry :D)

In the meantime, what do you want to see here? Contests? Vessel-related drink recipes? More shirts? Reader content? A Jesse Cannon pillow-chan? This friggin' majestic Snowy Owl pigging out on a seagull outside my house? Comment and I shall try to appease thee, o reader....

Photo credit: Erica Clark


  1. A BIG, GIANT, FLAMING ORANGE YES for contests and drink recipes. I would love more shirts!! AND A TOTE BAG!

    Virtually worship you,

  2. That is DEFINITELY the best color for a YES! I have always wanted to do a little cocktail book by Jordan, but maybe I'll make it a series of posts if nothing else. And tote bags? Never thought of that! Right back at ya!