Thursday, November 14, 2013

I can actually write fast! This is crazy!

And it ain't bad, either. This will all need some major editing, of course, but holy hell, Book III is coming right along. The same book I was fretting about a few weeks ago, worrying that there would never be enough substance to tie the plot together. I've learned by now that the plot always finds a way, but that doesn't stop me from pussyfooting around or avoiding the work when things dry up.


But not this month! This month marks my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month's challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days. Gotta be honest: most of the reason I've never given it a shot before is that the abbreviation--NaNoWriMo--kind of gets under my skin. Like when someone names their kid Awstyn or something. But I totally see now why my fellow writers get so pumped about it. It's true that I work best when there's a deadline ahead of me, a raging fire under my ass, and nothing in my fridge but half a can of chickpeas. And sharing that kind of unhinged but totally sublime pace with thousands of other people just takes it up a notch. I'm writing like crazy. And the more I write, the faster the ideas come. The easier it all starts to feel. The juicier the plot becomes. The better those chickpeas taste.

Someday I'll post to this blog regularly. Like, actual helpful, entertaining, relevant stuff that you'll want to read. But it ain't gonna be this November. Right now, I just want to wish all my fellow WriMos (cringe) the best of luck and the most potent of ideas. We can do it! We can! And then we know we can sit down and rock this shit any day or week or month of the year, no matter how much the plot lags or how contrarily our characters behave. YES.

Seriously, though. Someone send me a pizza.


  1. This is amazing. I cannot wait to read it. I also cannot wait for you to make it into a graphic novel. (Contact me if you need a artist-slave/assistant for that.) I most definitely cannot wait until it becomes the greatest major motion picture Fantasy Novel Adaptation since Harry Potter.

    1. Thanks, Andrew! Oh man, I wish for that every single day, you have no idea. I'd love so much to see it all come to life like that.
      Sweet comic, btw!