Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Announcements: Tiger years and FREE EBOOKS.


The end of this January brings Chinese New Year (what's up, Wooden Horse!), reminding me that it's been three years since the release of Advent. It also reminds me that I've never quite stated why I chose "Year of the Tiger Press" as the formal name of my one-woman publishing entity, which at present does little more than make the spine of my books look "legit". (It has a logo and everything! It's neat.)

So here's the reason. At some point prior to the publication of Advent, it dawned on me that the following all happened during Tiger years:

1. My birth. April of 1986, a Fire Tiger year. If you, like me, consult your local Chinese restaurant's placemat for guidance regarding your zodiac animal, then you'll know that I'm "aggressive, courageous, candid, and sensitive" and that I should "look toward the Horse or Dog for happiness, and beware the Monkey." Sounds about right. And for the record, I've always loved horses and been fond of dogs, but monkeys can GTFO because they are mean and strong and creepy as hell. Don't even with your "monkeys are cute" nonsense. No.

2. Vessel was conceived---twelve years later, by twelve-year-old me, during a sleepover with one Lindsey Strain during which we stayed up until dawn filling brand new spiral notebooks with the kind of character profiles and embarrassing fantasy prose that only tween girls can write. Best night of my life, bar none. The contents of those notebooks barely resemble Vessel, but the barest bones are there: five male elementals, dicking around and kicking ass. The year was 1998, an Earth Tiger year.

3. The finalization of Vessel, Book I: The Advent, all of which occurred twelve years later, right through to its official publication at the tippy-tail end of the Metal Tiger year in early February 2011.

Pretty much.

So there you have it: the story behind the name. I wonder what's in store for 2022's Water Tiger Year? Every last book in the Vessel series should be out by then, at the very least! My fingers are crossed that a lot more will be happening with the series. Graphic novels. Blockbuster films. Mega hot cosplayers feeding me grapes. Hey, I dream big. Like a tiger. 

Anyway, with yet another Chinese New Year upon us, I wanted to make an epic announcement! Ideally, I wanted some action to go with this announcement, but the work itself is taking a little longer than expected. So here goes for now:

At some point in February, I will be offering the newly revised "Vessel, Book I: The Advent" for FREE on all e-reader platforms. Indefinitely.

Yes. Free. Indefinitely. As in for a very long time, if not forever.

Why free?
Early on, I said that I'd never charge a lowly 99 cents for any of my e-books, much less offer any of them for free (except during promotions, of course). Why am I changing my mind? Because offering the first book in a series for free just means that loads more people will give it a chance, love it, and pick up the rest of the series. And what matters most to me---other than telling a great story---is getting that story into the hands of people who will love it. Money ain't no thang compared to that.

Why revise?
If you already adore Advent, fear not: I'm making no dramatic changes. It's been my intent for the past year to go back and tighten it up a bit, correct typos, do away with the odd unnecessary adverb, push around a bit of the dialogue, etc. I may do this with Exodus at some point, too, though hopefully my craft and production process are evolved enough now to prevent future books from needing any post-publication revisions. At any rate, you will not miss out on some vital piece of Vessel information if you've only ever read the first edition. But if you still absolutely must check out the new edition, then hey, it'll be free

Stay tuned for the exact release date. This is Tominda Adkins with Year of the Tiger Press, over and out!

We are totes legit.

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