Thursday, February 26, 2015

itty bitty little update

The blog has been dead all month, BUT the timeline for the entire Vessel series is finished, and so is the complete outline for Book III (the bulk of which is already written). Not exactly as exciting as a excerpt, I know, but as an earlier post mentioned, this was the perfect (and necessary) time to step back and make sure everything in the series is aligned properly before moving ahead. And dudes, let me just say that it's killing me that Book V is still such a ways down the road, because I can't freaking wait for you to see how it all comes together. 

I'll be spending the next weeks incorporating all the changes set forth by the outline and polishing Deliverance into a cohesive first draft before moving forward with the usual gauntlet of edits. Meanwhile, I intend to devise some way to make the content of this blog less diary-like, and more useful and interesting. For now, enjoy this video of a man yelling at ducks, a beautiful metaphor about life. Sometimes, friend, you are the ducks. Sometimes, you are the man. Today, I am the man.

Boss Bitch OUT.


  1. Have you considered putting supplementary Vessel materials on here? One of the things I've been thinking about for my book is ways that I could create writing exercises for myself to get me in the mood or as like a warm-up, or if I haven't written in a while to get my mind right, but that would still be constructive. Since my character is a journalist and short story writer, I was thinking maybe writing fake articles as my character, or writing short stories that HE would write.

    I'm not sure what form this would take for you, but I feel like you could have a lot of fun writing directly from the first-person perspective of each of your characters. It would be a good chance to really get INSIDE of their heads. Maybe you could retell pivotal moments from your existing books, but from a Vessel's first-person perspective? Or maybe in those times when the Vessel were split up, share a short story about what was happening elsewhere? Or maybe Jordan has a diary? Or maybe one of the other Vessel have a diary? Or maybe tell brief tales of dalliances prior to their meeting in Book I? There are a lot of options, but it would be constructive, fun, and be more Vessel-centric content for you to post.

    Just a thought! :)

    1. bah, I wrote a long reply and for some reason it didn't post--but yes! I do have some shorts in mind and one in the works. They just always end up on the back-burner. I like those ideas!