Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Belated: The Vessel finally have a sigil.

Today in "Well that took long enough", we finally have a design for the Vessel's pentagonal sigil, along with their individual glyphs. You know, the pretty logo found all over Elysium? The image etched on Jordan's handy Hollow-detecting necklace? Several previous versions exist, like the hideous one on the cocktail e-book that must now be replaced, and let's never forget the fact that my symmetrical fire glyphs always end up looking vaginal, but that's all behind us now. I've finally come up with a ringer...

Wanna guess which glyph is which?
Answers are at the end of the post. 

I wanted something crude and prehistoric, rune-like, simpler than more elegant elemental glyphs like those beauties featured on Avatar. And more distinguishable from one another than the symbols of Wicca, which become easily confused when rotated. The designer in me also required them to be similar in weight and style, so after doodling dozens of little circular symbols, I tried using only straight lines to achieve some sense of unity. ViolĂ !

Have you made your guesses yet? Okay, answer time! One goal was to make the glyphs as intuitive as possible, but symbol design is hard! Let's see if I did well enough to get the point across to you, dear reader.

The crossed lines on top represent Ghi, of course: light, sun, stars, cosmos, a spark, the heavens, etc.
The two vertical lines are for Jesse: a column of air or an upward path.

The horizontal line is for Corin: a river or stream, or the horizon over the water.

The upward peak is for Jackson: a crag of earth, a hill or mountain.

Last but not least, the forked lines are for Khan: representing flame, fire (and hey, it finally doesn't look like a vagina!).

Behold the fiery vaginas of yore.

So, how did you do?

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