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About Vessel, Book I: The Advent:

They're divine. They're almighty. They're about eight thousand years late...

They're the Vessel, five living gods born to smite an ancient anomaly of death. That's what beloved pop legend Jesse Cannon is saying anyway--after claiming to be a Vessel himself. It's enough to make his long-suffering assistant Jordan hand in her two week's notice. She might not survive 
oneweek, however, because Jesse's divine vision is no myth. Something is stalking them both, and it's not a crazed fan.

 brings the fledgling deities together (on a tricked-out tour bus, of course) for the ride of their immortal lives. There's Ghi, a sweet amnesiac who may or may not be a terrorist--or a devout lover of soap operas. Jackson, a smart-mouthed, firefighting mama's boy. Corin, a filthy rich philanthropist who cannot function without his smartphone. And Khan, a legally blind convict with a penchant for arson, nicotine, and prostitutes. Each remarkable in his own right, each born of questionably immaculate conception, and each, as far as Jordan is concerned, utterly unprepared to deliver anyone from evil. Unearthing the Vessels' calling will take them from the banks of a forgotten Nile tributary to a Toronto truck stop, from the set of Oprah to the gates of Hell and back. Along the way, they must survive not only one another, but flesh-eating tentacles, water gun assasins, prehistoric priestesses, undead groupies, powerful hangovers, cut-off jeans, and one very fed up celebrity assistant. Gird your loins: this armageddon is just getting started.

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Vessel, Book II: The Exodus is available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and other devices.
Browse reviews on Goodreads.
About Vessel, Book II: The Exodus:

Nine months after their lives collided inside a fabulous but doomed tour bus, our five unlikely gods are still right where we left them: on Elysium, their luxurious island home. For the Vessel, it's paradise. For Jordan, it's little better than a prison--but at least it has a fully stocked bar. When the Vessel are required to make a short sojourn to Egypt, Jordan jumps at the chance to join them, but no time in their divine presence comes free of tribulation. Awaiting them are rival cults, a basement of catalogued horrors, roadside tombs, holy underwear, a certain not-quite-dead princess and her carnivorous horse, and, naturally, a gay bar. The sanctified walls of a Luna Latum compound provide little protection against the forces conspiring to see them dead, and while the Vessel defend their hosts from a plot of unmatched devastation, one truth becomes too clear: the world they left behind as men is no place for a god. In it, one misstep can unearth mortal danger, and the chance to defy fate will bring them all to death's door--and she's expecting them.

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